Human Pain Studied with Neuroimaging

1. Learning Objectives

The Learning Objectives describe what this course aims to help you achieve.

The ‘Human Pain Studied with Neuroimaging’ course discusses why it is important as a field of research in understanding functional and structural changes that occur with pain. The course examines the various key studies that have used neuroimaging to help us better understand pain. This course is at advanced knowledge level. Once you have completed your MCQs, you can save and print your certificate.

The continuing professional development courses (CPD) provide an opportunity for you to study a group of articles (defined as videos, text, podcasts and/or voice-over presentations) around a pain theme. Once you have viewed the articles, you can answer a range of multiple choice questions (MCQs) and obtain certification for studying which will be a valuable contribution to your professional portfolio. Each article within the CPD course will list the author, his or her background and a brief description of the content and/or learning outcomes.

2. Learning Materials

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3. Certification

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4. Your Learning Reflections

Once you have successfully completed the quiz above, you will be able to complete a CPD Course Reflection and that will be the end of the CPD Course.